Your MBA essay is your selling point demonstrating your unique personality and individual achievements to the business school of your choice. However, writing one without a prior experience may be a challenging task. Here are some tips that can improve your admission chances.


  1. Be specific

A wide-spread mistake is keeping to a broad focus without narrowing down your scope to a specific industry, organisation or case. You need to convince the admission committee that you are the best candidate for their school in terms of your own achievements. Try to answer essay questions in a professional manner and gradually build intensity. Starting any type of essay, you should grab the reader's attention and be transparent in the beginning about what you are planning to achieve with this piece of writing.


  1. Be school-focused

Learn more about the recipient organisation and clearly show why you think it is the best place for you to get your MBA. You need to demonstrate your motivation and your intention to be enlisted into this specific institution. The worst MBA essay is the one that seems like a ‘copy-and-paste’ one sent to multiple schools. If you decide to make several applications, make 100% sure that you do not confuse them and send an essay with another school name on it.


  1. Emphasise your personal strong points

Your track record may not be as impressive as you want it to be. However, a sincere and straightforward answer to essay questions may be more convincing than a set of blurry statements. Being a leader means being able to take responsibility and accept your own limitations. A good idea is to demonstrate the challenges you encountered and the way you succeeded in these struggles.


  1. Remember that nobody is perfect

Many applicants experience the dreaded ‘analysis paralysis’ effect when writing their essays. If you are affected by overthinking, the worst solution is to continue stressing yourself by reading motivational articles or thinking about the possible costs of failure. Convince yourself to write a bad application essay and revise it later, if you have time. In most cases, you will gain your inspiration along the way. If not, a mediocre MBA essay is still better than a blank sheet of paper.


  1. Observe the rules

Great leaders often praise thinking outside of the box and fighting conventional wisdom. However, submitting a poorly proofread document with incorrect word count and the wrong school name may be seen as a sign of a ‘who cares’ attitude rather than your bright individuality. Observe applicable regulations and try to provide a clearly structured answer to essay questions.


Writing your first MBA essay may be highly stressful if you have no prior experience. Remember that looking for external assistance is OK. You can always check online MBA essay examples or use specialised MBA writing services to review your work and offer practical advice on improving your style. A team of professional essay writers can also provide some reference materials or samples of successful application works in your sphere. Protection Status