10 Ways Students Can Make Money during Coronavirus Self-Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic means that many work options typically available to students (e.g. retail assistants) are no longer viable. Luckily, there is a strong demand for other jobs that can be reliably done from home such as freelance writing. If you’re wondering how to support yourself and your studies, read on to learn 10 ways to earn money without breaking the rules of quarantine.


1. Writing on Fiverr

Fiverr is an aggregate job posting service for freelancers. Freelance writing is arguably the type of freelancing that is the easiest to get into. The only things you need is a good grasp of academic (or journalistic) English, a laptop and a decent Internet connection. Fiverr allows for writing articles on a wide variety of topics. Even if you’re a student specialising in an incredibly niche subject (e.g. Roman archaeology), there’s sure to be at least some demand for blog posts, web content or landings.


2. Compiling Data for Lionbridge

If you think that writing is not for you, there’s also an option to process data. Lionbridge is one of the largest global providers of such job postings. What makes Lionbridge notable is its ease-of-use. After signing up, you’ll be required to complete a couple of simple tests to evaluate your skills and English proficiency. After this, the company will automatically notify you if any new work is available that fits your skillset. The job typically involves typing data into spreadsheets or translating texts.


3. Streaming on Twitch

If you’ve ever wanted to make money out of your hobbies (who hasn’t?), then Twitch is the site for you. While the majority of streamers on Twitch focus on video games, there are categories for almost anything including just chatting, doing digital or traditional art or even working out. Being a streamer is not easy and requires regularly communicating with your audience, being sociable and providing valuable and interesting content. For people who are up to the challenge, however, Twitch provides regular pay powered through its subscription system.


4. Evaluating Search Engines for Appen

Not a fan of being social all the time? You can still make money by evaluating the quality of search engine results. Appen provides regular assignments for search engine evaluators with pay typically starting at $15 per hour. The job is usually pretty demanding in that you need to have a good eye for detail and have no aversion to doing menial tasks. Another issue is that your workload is not guaranteed. Nonetheless, being a search engine evaluator is still a decent way to earn some money if combined with other freelancing options.


5. Answering Surveys on Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Mechanical Turk is probably the least profitable option on this list but it also is the least demanding. The website allows companies to outsource tasks such as data processing to freelancers. What makes Mechanical Turk notable is that firms typically conduct their market research by relying on this platform, meaning you can earn a little bit of money by answering surveys and sharing your opinions on various products and services. While the work is generally not that engaging, it’s a great way of adding to your student income.


6. Resume Writing

Another example of an unconventional service is resume writing. Anyone who’s ever written a resume or a CV knows that this process is pretty difficult as you have to highlight your strengths while remaining realistic and grounded. What this means is that you can get paid for writing resumes for other people. To apply, however, you need to have a good grasp of academic English.


7. Printables Designer on Etsy

The words ‘printables designer’ make it sound like the job is only relevant to artists or graphic designers. The reality is that making printables (such as check-lists) is pretty easy using freely available tools, namely GIMP or Krita. For example, you could make a custom meal plan printable for vegans or a workout check-list for fitness enthusiasts. Etsy is easily the most developed platform for selling printables. While Etsy requires a small daily payment ($1) to maintain an account, your returns should easily make up on this expense.


8. App Tester for UserFeel

Every software development process requires the end-users to test the interface and report any bugs. Luckily, you can become a verified tester with little prior experience by signing up at UserFeel. The job is not by any means easy in that you’ll need to accurately report your experiences and describe any software errors you’ve encountered. Still, it’s a decent way to earn money while having time for your studies and hobbies.


9. Become a Participant in User Research at Respondent

While this is similar to answering surveys, user research typically involves a higher degree of participation such as interviews or writing online event logs. User research listings are also much more specific than online surveys and focus on narrow target audiences such as farmers. Although this limits your options, there are still a decent number of user research projects available at any time. You can check them out using Respondent, an aggregator of research projects conducted by businesses or other entities. Completing a research project takes time but the payout is also decent and typically starts at $100.


10. Online Tutoring on VIPKID

It’s a bit ironic that one of the best jobs available to students is tutoring. Specifically, VipKid allows participants to teach English to elementary school students in China. The requirements are generally pretty lax and include having a Bachelor’s degree and permission to work in the UK, the US or Canada. While tutoring is a pretty demanding profession and requires constant communication with students, the pay starts at $22 per hour which is a decent wage for a fully online job.


If the coronavirus crisis is stressing you out, don’t worry. There are still a lot of ways to support yourself financially when staying at home. Although not every option in the above list offers high pay, you can combine your freelancing jobs and make a decent living while still having the time to study. Remember to stay safe and you’ll get through this quarantine without batting an eye!

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