We have all been there, when deadlines are looming and this particular assignment looks completely unreachable for the deadline your tutor has given. Here is our guide on how to get and extension on your assignment:

  1. Speak to your tutor in person where possible.

    Speaking with your tutor face to face can allow them to physically see how the stress of the approaching deadline is affecting you. It may also allow you to convey your argument in a more personable and convincing way.

  2. Try not to ask too last minute.

    It is best not the leave your extension request to the day before or even the day of the deadline. Try to pre-empt if you will need longer to complete your assignment.

  3. Explain that you have other papers due at the same time

    It happens quite a lot at University that different module tutors sometimes all pick the same week or even day for their assignments. This can leave students very stressed and without good time management it can leave you in a dilemma with having to pick what assignments you can get completed on time. Try to explain this to the tutor when you ask for your extension, you can give them physical proof that you just have one too many deadlines all together and it gives them more reasoning to allow the extension.


  4. Only ask for a short extensionTry not to annoy your tutor by asking for a really long extension, unless you have personal reasons that you can explain. It is best to ask for a couple of days maximum. This way it will allow you a little extra time to finish the paper.
  5. Show emotion.

    Do not be afraid to show your tutor some emotion if the worry of the deadline is making you feel this way. It is important for your tutor to know how it is making you feel and they are only human at the end of the day. They may be more likely to offer you an extension if they see a bit of emotion.

  6. Explain your change in circumstances.

    Throughout your time at University, many things can happen in your personal life that can affect your ability to meet deadlines. It is important to be honest with your tutor and explain exactly what it is that is causing you to miss your deadline. It may be that your tutor can also help you in other ways to juggle university life and personal problems you are facing.

Ultimately it is best to not be in the position where you need to request extensions. Sometimes tutors may advise that you would forfeit marks for a late submission or they may not grant you the extension at all.

Try to plan your assignment deadlines ahead, to avoid these scenarios. However, if you are finding yourself really stuck for time, we at 15 Writers can help you with last minute assignments with our team of academic writers who have at least 10 years of academic writing experience.

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