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Social Media Guide: Making the Most of Social Media as a Freelancer

Social Media Guide for Freelancers


Freelancers can benefit significantly from using social media. The following tips might be useful in attracting the audience and monetising your skills.


1) Set up your own brand

First, you should decide which channels represent your skills best. For visual skills this may be Instagram while YouTube is the best for video lessons and PodBean or SoundCloud are most suitable for audio formats. If you use several channels it is necessary to have the same identity on all of them including username, visual brand and contact information. Think of additional information a client may need.


2) Make a content plan

Once the social media channels are chosen, it is necessary to decide what information will be posted on them. Without a plan, you might mess things up so that your audience will not understand what you are trying to say. With a plan, you will have a structure of your messages and will be able to categorise your posts. With time, your audience will get used to these categories and will be looking forward for your posts. Moreover, it will be easier to find your posts when they are structured.


3)  More Advertising

Social media are mostly free from payment channels, so you can advertise yourself broadly. The more efforts you make the more recognisable you will become. You can cross-advertise your channels on different platforms. Also, it may be useful to make collaboration with other bloggers or freelancers in order to capture audience with adjacent interests. Analytical instruments such as Google Analytics will show which of your channels are more popular and thus more efficient for you.


4) Part of Broader Activities

You can also advertise yourself indirectly by answering the questions in the discussions on thematics of your expertise. Look for potential clients in comments under other posts of your thematics or using hashtags. Clients will appreciate your expertise if you simply answer their questions or at least will learn about your existence.