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How To Choose The Right Dissertation Topic? The Quick Rule..

To produce a winning dissertation, you absolutely need a winning topic. How do you know which topic is right for you? Check that it meets the following:

1. Question: Your topic must answer a particular question. For example: how a person’s spending on fashion items can be predicted from their behaviour on social media?
2. Unique: Think of any new knowledge that you can add. It may be information about a new market, company or customer group
3. Interesting to you: In a dissertation proposal, you will need to convince the faculty board that your topic is worth exploring. That’s not easy with a topic you don’t believe in
4. Current and relevant to your area of study: Check the module content to see which topics may fit in.
5. Key to success within the word count you have: A topic that may be great for a 5,000-word piece will not work for a 20,000-word paper. Just as true the other way round.


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