The Best Ways to Procrastinate

Procrastination is a very familiar term for students. To procrastinate is to ‘delay or postpone action; put off doing something.’ and when at university procrastinating can be debilitating on your work load.

The work builds up over time with coursework, essays, dissertations, presentations… the list goes on and the to do list gets longer. Sometimes you just lack all motivation to pick up the list and start ticking things off, which wastes your valuable time.


Understand Procrastination First

Before getting into the best ways to beat procrastination, you need to do a little investment in your mentality. Firstly, recognise when procrastination is already happening. This will allow you to refocus, use the time more productively but also give yourself a break.

Secondly, understand why you are procrastinating. It is important to know why you are putting off a certain task so that you can revisit it another time, begin to take the stress off of the task and refresh your mind.


Tips to procrastinate the Better Way

  1. Fresh Air

Do not underestimate the power of a walk or a peaceful sit outside. Being cooped up indoors faced with a building pile of work can be very stressful and heavy. Allocate rest time to recenter your frantic energy and look on your work load with fresh eyes. When you plan rest time, you get ahead of procrastination and your time is used more wisely.


  1. Get Organised

If your space is cluttered, your mind will be cluttered. So clear your brain of the clutter by focusing on cleaning and organising your environment. This will help with prioritising certain tasks, creating a more effective and focused to-do list and help boost your productivity.


  1. Writing

Writing in any way shape or form can help organise your mind and your tasks effectively. Brainstorm, journalling, writing down your goals…define your way of learning and how you do you. Stuck on an essay? Try free writing about the topic and why you chose it. Feeling stressed? Write down all your barriers and stressful tasks. There is always something to write about to help you move on.


  1. Social Media Ban

One of the biggest procrastinating activities is browsing through social media. Instead of investing your time in other’s lives, invest in yourself. Why not try a different app that helps with productivity and focus? Instead of picking up your phone or turning on the tv, try something else like reading, exercising or listen to a podcast.


Find the Best Way for You

Ultimately, the best way to procrastinate is finding a way to give yourself a break whilst also being productive in other ways. Clearing your mental blocks, evaluating and organising the work and your environment and finding activated that get your mind activated instead of overloaded. Protection Status