Top 5 Things You Can Learn by Behaviour Imitation

A recent story from Dodo about a clever dog imitating human behaviours to get similar results is both funny and motivating. As a student, many of the skills you acquire would come from copying others and doing that in a creative manner. We have identified the top 5 things you can learn by behaviour imitation.


Public Speaking Skills

Many famous actors spent countless hours listening to the recordings of their role models to imitate their accents or speech manner. You can do the same by choosing some favourite lecturers from TED talks and seeing how they deliver their message.


Academic Writing Skills

Mastering essay writing is easier than you think. Find a high-quality essay sample that got a first-class mark. Focus on the elements making it outstanding such as argument coherence, the way its internal structure is organised, and the capability of the author to precisely answer the posed questions.


Grammar Skills

This area really lends itself to the concept of imitation. Since most grammar rules should be memorised rather than processed at the logical level, performing multiple exercises focused on imitating the provided examples can be the easiest way to boost your assignment writing competencies.


New Habits

Whether you like it or not, we all are the sum of our habits. Copying the actions of successful people can quickly improve your quality of life. Start with something simple like drinking enough water, using health supplements or keeping a schedule of all academic submissions to avoid unexpected deadlines.


Being the Best Version of Yourself

Many classical musicians like to re-watch the recordings of their good and bad performances to identify the reasons for successes and failures. Try to record your university speeches, group presentations, thesis defence meetings or any other public performances. Revising them will instantly allow you to become a better speaker and gain additional confidence.


Check out our handy info-graphic below:

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