What to do After Your Bachelors Degree

Graduation day is looming and you might still be questioning what you are going to do after your degree. This time can be really exciting but also very overwhelming when it comes to graduating and thinking about your future.

Search and Accept a Graduate Job

This might be the most obvious choice of direction for when you have finished your degree. A graduate job is an excellent stepping stone to your career and can offer many opportunities in the future. Once you finish university, the job search should commence and you may need to dedicate most of your time to this activity in order to put yourself out there and apply to as many as possible.

A graduate job will be especially important for those in competitive areas such as medicine, business, finance or law as there are so many students all competing for the same jobs. Therefore, this route can provide much for your future but can also be hard work and investment in yourself.

Further Study

Taking part in further study can also be an investment in your future career. Postgraduate study can be a positive option once finishing your degree as you can change the direction of your study and pursue more specific fields or if you feel you are not ready to leave university yet.

There is also the option to study master’s degrees abroad. However, a postgraduate course will add to your student loan, debt and requires one or more years in education.

Self Employment

If you are more of an entrepreneur, then perhaps consider self-employment or starting up your own business. This can offer graduates great opportunities, freedom, control, and flexibility over their dream job. In addition, many universities offer programs and mentorships for those pursuing their own business.

Keep in mind that this may be the most difficult route to take straight out of university. It is risky, comes with many challenges and will be a test of your resilience.

Take a Gap Year

Of course, a gap year is a very attractive option for many students graduating. After three or more long years at university, you want a break and want to experience something completely different. A gap year offers many options and opportunities, for example, traveling, volunteering, internships, and summer jobs.

A gap year can provide you with life experience and enrichment however, be prepared when you come back for everything to be the same. Therefore, you should have a reason and cause to choosing a gap year so in the future, a year or more gap in your CV is not too questionable

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