How to Write Successful Admissions Essays for Oxbridge

Oxbridge is the collective name for Oxford and Cambridge that is frequently used to describe Ivy League educational institutions and their superior levels of academic perfectionism. An MBA degree obtained from one of these universities may be a true centrepiece of your professional portfolio opening new career horizons. However, applying for such course may be a daunting task even for seasoned industry veterans since most MBA students at Oxford have 6 years of prior work experience on the average as well as quality academic credentials. Below you will find five practical recommendations on how to write quality Oxbridge essays that will get you admitted into the university of your choice. 


Start Early

The more time you have before the submission deadline, the more time you can reserve for experimentation. While this may sound counter-intuitive, the best way to produce a unique piece of writing is to experiment with multiple topics, writing styles and document revisions before writing your final draft. Even qualified essay experts cannot sit down and create a masterpiece without long-term preparation and analysis. Hence, the more time you spend exploring the topics of interest and collecting supporting evidence, the more refined your final document will be. However, you should clearly set the deadline to ensure that you have the margin to write up your findings and proof-read your essay.


Avoid Ambiguity

The best MBA application essays should be specific and focus on a narrow topic that has not been sufficiently examined. Try to find the sphere that is interesting to you and consider the current status quo in it. You should be looking for something called ‘research gaps’ or the smaller areas that have not been studied yet or were cited as limitations by previous works in this field. Have prior researchers applied qualitative methods to address the research questions you pose? Is there a unique perspective of the issues possessed by some involved stakeholders, governmental agencies or industry practitioners? Try to narrow the topic down as much as possible and avoid the standard comparison of theories characteristic of Bachelors level work.


Explain Why You Are Their Best Choice

Most students try to fill their works with past credentials and proofs of their superiority. However, you do not need to be better than everyone to succeed. It is perfectly sufficient to just be unique and suitable for your role. Every university seeks to expand its academic ranks with the students that want to explore new spheres of science in unconventional ways rather than produce high-quality generic works. If you are the person that can assist them with this goal, try to clearly explain how you want to achieve it and what you are planning to do if you are admitted.


Explain Why You Have Chosen Them

University admissions committee members have seen literally thousands of essays praising the long history of these institutions, their recognised graduates or well-known facts about them. This is irrelevant and boring. Ask yourself the question why you decided to choose this particular university in the first place. Are there any unique elements or courses within its MBA programme? Does it offer access to some practical activities or research facilities that are not offered by its competitors? Mentioning this information in your essay will clearly demonstrate that you have studied them well and are not sending the same generic application forms to multiple universities at once.


Be Accurate

Nothing screams ‘I do not care about my recipients’ louder than grammatical errors and stupid typos in your essay. Examine the rules as closely as possible. If the permitted word limit is 1,500 words ± 10%, make it 1,000 words exactly. Use automated tools such as Grammarly to quickly highlight the key misprints and grammatical errors and browse through the text more deeply afterwards to identify logical inconsistencies. If English is not your native language, you may want to go as far as to employ a professional essay editor to check your essay for grammar mistakes before the submission.


Writing quality Oxbridge essays is not an easy feat and should not be treated as such. Allocate sufficient time, accept the probability of temporary challenges, and estimate your capabilities reasonably. If you really struggle with your writing style or structuring ideas, try to search for quality essay examples online to break your creative dead end. Protection Status