9 things you need to know before fresher’s week

Fresher’s week is a baptism of fire, and can be both a great or disastrous introduction to University life. There is a fine art in making sure that you have a great time without embarrassing yourself, fresher’s week gives you a chance to set an impression, so make sure it’s the right one.


Peer pressure is real

Peer pressure is a very real thing, and it can completely ruin fresher’s week if you let it. If you’re not enjoying something or don’t want to do something, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It is simple advice but trust your own instincts and don’t worry about the others, they’ll get over it.


Attend your first lectures

A hugely important thing when thinking about Fresher’s week is to make sure to attend your first lectures, even if they’re sample sessions. Showing your face and getting to know a few others on the courses sets the tone for the rest of the year.


Go to library training

Similar to the lecture advice, but arguably more important, library training is essential for making sure you know what you’re doing when it comes to assignments. It’s likely you’ve never been in a academic library before University so if you miss the training then it can have a serious knock on effect.


Mind the money

Fresher’s week is a time that is notorious for partying, but what people don’t realise is that partying can be expensive. I’m not telling you to pinch the pennies, but it’s a good idea to make sure you’re not crippling yourself financially until the next student loan payment rolls in.



Have fun

Make sure you enjoy yourself, Fresher’s week is for having a good time there will be times to be a serious student later. It is a great opportunity to go out and meet people, learn about the places to go in the town you’re living in and enjoy a bit of freedom before the studying begins.


Make the right mistakes

People make mistakes and that’s how they learn. However there are some mistakes that might stick to you longer than you’d like. There are some common mistakes associated with fresher’s week that don’t need spelling out, make sure they’re nothing permanent.


You won’t like everyone you meet

Despite Fresher’s week being a great time to make new friends, it is also a time for meeting people that you’re not going to get along with. If you meet people you don’t like, or indeed people who don’t like you then quite simply you don’t need to be around them. Don’t waste your time on people you don’t like, spend it making new friends, not worse enemies.


Get ready for the flu

The fresher’s flu is a very real thing, and it goes around like wildfire. You may get sick in fresher’s week but that is quite normal so don’t worry about it, battle through it or if it gets too much just take it easy and wait for it to blow over.


Go to the fresher’s fair

Make sure to get down to the fresher’s fair, it’s a great opportunity to see what clubs there are for you to get involved with. Another huge plus about fresher’s week is that they often have some great freebies, and huge discounts from some local and big brand takeaways, you can save a lot of money throughout the year by spreading out the discounts.

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