The Christmas festivities are coming to an end, and 2019 is fast approaching. Many people will see this as a perfect opportunity to make resolutions and goals for the year ahead. If you are stuck for ideas, here are 10 perfect new year’s resolutions that any student can make.


1. Sleep More

Who doesn’t love sleep? This isn’t a suggestion to extend the length of your afternoon nap, or to start scheduling naps into your daily routine, but instead to set yourself a realistic bedtime. Instead of staying up watching Netflix until 4am, get into a routine of trying to get an earlier night… especially if you have a 9am the next day. 

2. Eat healthily

This resolution is probably one of the most popular, made every year by people of all ages. On a student budget, you might find it easier to live off cheap frozen pizzas or pot noodles. But a healthy diet will help you in more ways than one. Not only will you feel physically healthier, but you will find that you have more energy, better focus and more motivation.

3. Exercise!

Take advantage of your Universities fitness facilities, or join a sports team. January is the perfect time to set new fitness goals. A lot of gyms will offer January promotions, to make the cost of a gym more student friendly. Alternatively, if your budget won’t stretch to a club or gym membership, simply go running in your nearby park. You can even find a friend who shares this resolution to join you and make it more bearable.


4. Procrastinate less

If you are successfully implementing resolutions 1, 2 and particularly 3, you should find that you are already procrastinating less. However, it is easy to get into the habit of prioritizing exercise or sleep over University work. In fact, up to 95% of students procrastinate – so you’re certainly not alone. One of the best ways to reduce procrastination is to break your to-do list down piece by piece, so that everything is in small and easily manageable steps.

5. Get Organised

This can be done so much more easily with the huge volume of helpful resources that are available these days. Invest in a good diary or planner, alternatively if you need some inspiration for getting organised, check out our ultimate guide to getting organised.


6. Study smarter

That’s right, we said smarter. Effective studying is not always about how hard you work, but instead how smart you work.  If you’ve already mastered reducing your amount of procrastination, this part shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many different tactics you can implement, like planning study sessions in the library, with a clear checklist of topics to cover before you leave, or taking more useful and effective notes in lectures. Protection Status