Our 10 Best Example Dissertations in Business, Marketing and Finance

Having learned a lot of theory on how to write a successful dissertation, you will probably wish to have a look at real samples that embody the key principles of academic research. Our example dissertations are at your service. To save your time, we briefly review each of the 10 best dissertations in Business, Marketing and Finance below.


Business Dissertations

  1. Determinants of Individual Performance in British Software SMEs

The project is focused on 11 constructs of employee motivation, which include monetary remuneration, job design, internal promotions, security improvements, and others. Employee motivation was selected as a mediator variable in the relationship between motivational practices and employee performance. The dissertation relied on quantiative data and built a linear regression model to achieve its purpose. We recommend this work because it is a perfect example of how a conceptual framework should be constructed based on theoretical and empirical literature.


  1. The Impact of Organisational Culture on CSR in Hyundai

International corporations are difficult to explore because they are not open towards sharing their insider information. Nonetheless, our writer managed to collect 73 questionnaire forms from Hyundai’s branch in the UK. The Cultural Web model served as a basis for variables identification. Check this dissertation if you want to see SMART objectives and balanced methodology.


  1. The Role of Leadership in an Organisation’s Transformational Change

The concepts of organisational leadership and change management are overlapping in business research. The next project attempted to establish a link between leadership practices (e.g. vision development, feedback collection, employee empowerment, etc.) and transformational changes in the organisational context. You may find this dissertation example useful to understand how operational hypotheses should be formulated.


  1. Critical Analysis of Lifecycle Management Strategies Used by Branded Pharmaceutical Companies

It would be wrong to claim that writing a strong dissertation is impossible without primary data. This sample illustrates how secondary evidence can be applied to the analysis of lifecycle management strategies. An undoubtable advantage of the paper is in using a lot of high-quality graphical evidence. In addition, it offers well-developed practical recommendations.


  1. The Role of Employability Skills in Gaining Initial Employment for Hospitality Management Graduates in the UK

A narrow focus on British hospitality management graduates was selected by our next example dissertation. It differentiated between soft and hard employability skills, which is in line with today’s criteria in the labour market. 3 linear regression models were constructed to reveal which of the skill sets predicted initial employment in the most effective way.


Marketing Dissertations

  1. How Does a Pricing Strategy Influence the Sales Volume of Online Vendors in the Consumer Electronics Segment?

Most of the reviewed dissertation projects relied on quantiative data, while this paper gathered qualitative evidence (i.e. interviews with a business owner and general managers from the UK consumer electronics segment). You won’t see any calculations in this example but rather how thematic analysis techniques were applied. Full interview transcripts are available in the Appendix.


  1. Social Media Presence of Cadbury and Brand Trust Among Online Community Members

Contemporary multi-national enterprises (MNEs) are obsessed with the idea of social media presence to maintain their sales at an appropriate level. This dissertation investigated into Cadbury’s use of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to assess perceived brand trust among customers. You will like this paper for its concise content and clear structure.


Finance Dissertations

  1. Do mergers and acquisitions create value for acquiring firms? Evidence from the UK

Being a finance dissertation, this example didn’t access human participants but instead analysed a sample of 30 merger and acquisition (M&A) deals in the UK and further evaluated financial performance over the 2013-2015 period. The paper may be of interest if you wish to apply CAR analysis.


  1. The Effect of Brexit on British NGOs’ Access to EU Funding

It has become a trend to study multiple effects of Brexit in academic works. Our next dissertation example attempted to predict potential funding problems for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) headquartered in the UK but still having access to European funding.


  1. Validity of the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Islamic Countries

Islamic finance is another demanded subject we have come across in our professional practice hundreds of times. The dissertation examined the behaviour of the Qatari and Saudi stock markets during the 2001-2017 period. Feel free to check how the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the autocorrelation test, the Augmented Dickey-Fuller test, and the variance ratio test should be run.


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